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In the italian tradition families live together until children get married.
We were a large family living under the same roof so cooking for everyone was very important. I was always reminded of Nonno Peppetto and his love for cooking.
Nonno Peppetto  was always seated by a tree directing the woman as they were preparing a meal for workers returning from the countryside.
He loved to invite everyone to join him for a meal and at the end of the day nearly 30 people were eating in the courtyard.
So for my grandparents, cooking was their primary concern especially for their generation that survived the experience of the Second World War.
Tradition and simplicity are two connotations that create the identity of my Cooking School and reflects a farming culture that has been handed down for generations Love, need and even passion for everything regarding food and wine.
Just the real Italian taste where food and wine are strictly related. Their body of knowlegde gave me the possibility to combine delicious contrast in my dishes always respecting the ingredients used during cooking.

by Salvatore Caruso
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